Lauren Yu-Ting Bo is an artist— a curator of words, textiles, and movement.

Her fiction, literary criticism, creative non-fiction, and poetry has appeared in or is forthcoming with publications such as Asymptote, World Literature Today, Kithe, The Maine Review, Brooklyn Review, Ploughshares Blog, and more.

In addition to writing small pieces, she is working on two larger projects: Swamp Okra, a novel that follows three generations of women in a Taiwanese-American family through their collective and individual exploration of cultural identity, reproductive justice, and the value of relationships between women; and Letters to Hop Alley, a research-driven short story collection about Hop Alley, the historic Chinatown in downtown St. Louis, MO, that existed from 1869 to 1966. Lauren is currently seeking literary representation.

Born in the Midwest to a Taiwanese mother and a White American father, she has long been fascinated by both the divisions and the sameness that exists between cultures. That interest has led to a life-long exploration of both global and local cultures, through writing, art-making, traveling, and of course, a lot of adventurous eating. She resides in Saint Louis, Missouri, with her husband and bunnies.